I've got Compiz working with Gnome on Arch nicely, except for one small thing - Compiz doesn't pick up on the cursor theme I've picked in Gnome-Appearance-Properties, instead defaulting to the ugly basic black cursor (the one with the stopwatch for busy).

Most of the GTK apps I use pick up on the main selection, but for the most part, I'm putting up with this ugly black one, and I want to fix it so Compiz uses the same cursor theme as Gnome is.

asked 29 May '10, 23:57

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You should be able to pick your cursor theme in the general options of the ccsm, the compizconfig-settings-manager.

Furthermore, you can try to set X11 Cursors.


answered 31 May '10, 09:17

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I tried setting the XCursor theme in the ~/.Xdefaults file, but to no avail. I'm unable to find any option in CCSM to do with cursor themes, however.

(31 May '10, 10:49) Gremnon

Seems like this feature got removed from ccsm somewhere on the way.

Have you tried the following, quoted from the aforementioned reference to 'X11 Cursors': "To have the cursor theme properly loaded it will need to be called by your window manager. If it does not, you can force it to load prior your window manager (for example in your ~/.xinitrc) by using:

xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

Refer to your window manager documentation for details."

(31 May '10, 13:46) Jazz ♦

There's still no difference, I'm afraid, even after executing that, reloading WM, setting it to execute before any WM, and then restarting, it doesn't seem to work either.

(31 May '10, 14:36) Gremnon

Goto http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1557297 for a permanent (near permanent) solution. You will have to reinstall the package if you install a new cursor theme. (Will find a solution for this). Here is an outline of how it works: 1) At installation time, it will create theme files like ones used in cursor themes 2) It moves (not replaces or deletes) gnome-appearance-properties to another place and in its place will stand a shellscript that can copy one of these cursor theme files to the /usr/share/icons/default directory. It uses the moved gnome-appearance-properties when you decide to execute it and sets some variables and checcks if compiz is running. 3)If compiz is running it will either i) change your cursor file and restart compiz if you changed your cursor theme or ii) will do nothing if only size was changed or theme was not changed 4) If compiz is not running it will not do anything. 5) LINK: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1557297


answered 21 Aug '10, 21:54

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