I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome and installed Conky recently.

It works very well and I really like Conky. One problem exists nonetheless:
Compiz or Gnome create a drop shadow to all windows. I like this effect for all windows but not for Conky. Conky has now an ugly shadow that looks like it's not embedded into the desktop.

How can I disable this drop-shadow for Conky only?

Is it possible to define an exclusion for some applications?

asked 10 Jun '10, 06:49

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I found a solution for myself.
You can define an exclusion for windows or window classes.

  1. Open the CompizConfig manager (System --> Settings --> CompizConfig manager).
  2. Choose Effects -> Window decoration
  3. Set the rule to the following: (any) & !(class=Conky). It means: decorate any window but not those with class Conky.

CompizConfig manager

This works for me!


answered 10 Jun '10, 15:51

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Well, you got it first. ;) Still, you might want to try the settings in the .conkyrc if you haven't already.

(10 Jun '10, 15:57) Jazz ♦

Just did that as well - the following entry in .conkyrc solved it for me (not having to tweak ccsm):

own_window_type override



answered 04 Aug '10, 08:42

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I'll try that! It's a nicer solution.

(04 Aug '10, 14:47) guerda
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