I use sendmail as MTA.

I've two different IPs of the same subnet on the same Interface e.g.:

eth0: DNS name: smtp.example.com - All traffic out through this IP.
eth0:0: smtp1.example.com

I want to route some of the emails through as well as will remain on the same interface. Any possibility??????

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I'm not sure that I understand the question here... could you clarify better?

(11 Jun '10, 09:10) pmarini

You can use the DaemonPortOptions directive in sendmail.cf to bind to a specific IP/Port combination.



answered 10 Jun '10, 14:25

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Actually if you're going to modify the sendmail config, you should be modifying sendmail.mc and rebuilding the sendmail.cf file with sendmail-cf

(14 Jul '10, 20:29) rfelsburg ♦

DNS round robin is an easy and effect way of distributing the mail load across multiple ip addresses.

Having two mx records for the hostname, and giving both an equal weight will distribute across both evenly, and if one is down attempt to deliver to the other.



answered 14 Jul '10, 20:27

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