Hello , I ran this 'gconf-cleaner' just for the sake() on My Debian Box.

If I launch "gnome-terminal" from Applications Menu or from a panel icon ,it works with default $HOME directory(default behaviour). But ,with custom keyboard shortcut for Gnome Terminal in Gnome-2.30(Can set via menu System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts),it opens in root directory.I mean in "/" directory. The Easy fix is to assign 'gnome-terminal --working-directory=%f ' or something similar.

Is there a way to fix this Behaviour without adding any lines to ~/.bashrc etc ?

BTW ,$HOME variable is correct.rest everything is Fine.

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(20 Apr '11, 14:19) rfelsburg ♦

When you type Ctrl-Alt-T, or whatever key combination you set for "Open a terminal window" in Keyboard Shortcuts, gnome runs a specific command. This is defined by the gconf setting /desktop/gnome/applications/terminal/exec.

Run the gconf editor from Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor and have a look at the value of this key. You'll probably find that instead of being just "gnome-terminal" it has extra arguments such as --working-directory=.... Reset it back to just "gnome-terminal" and it should start up in your home directory.

If it doesn't, then your default profile may have something unusual set in its preferences. In Terminal, select Edit > Profile Preferences and go to the Title and Command tab. Clear the boxes for "Run command as a login shell" and "Run a custom command instead of my shell".

Note that the /desktop/gnome/applications/terminal/exec_arg gconf key is for when you ask gnome to run a command in a terminal. You shouldn't need to change this.


answered 17 Jul '10, 23:20

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Neil Mayhew
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Most of your options are covered here.

Also, since you cleaned your gconf files, I took a look at mine. Seems like there are lots of references to various profiles. You might want to set up different profiles and see what happens.


answered 17 Jun '10, 18:00

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Something weird.

If you set "Ctrl+Alt+T" then working directory is ~ If you set ie "Mod4+R" (mod4 is Windows key) then working directory is /


answered 10 Mar '11, 13:05

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