Okay ,,, my problem is that,,,, i have downloaded an image of UBUNTU STUDIO 10.4...... nd i want to install it on my desktop which has a good config......

but the problem is that it doesnt have a dvd/cd drive...... so i have to install it somehow via the usb ...... which i have no idea whatsoever.......

it would be really helpful if you cud tell me a step by step process of how to do it.....and if possible give an easy way of doing it.... thanks.....

asked 17 Jun '10, 05:35

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Welcome to LinuxExchange, Swagat! It would be very nice if you state a title like "How to install Ubuntu Studio via USB?". This would be much more informative and precise.

(17 Jun '10, 09:38) guerda

If you want to install Ubuntu Studio 10.04 via a USB stick, execute the following instructions:

Install Ubuntu from USB stick (Official Ubuntu Wiki)

It's explained for all platforms and is very detailed. Good luck with that!


answered 17 Jun '10, 09:40

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none of that regurgitated crap everybody posts as an answer has ever worked for anything ubuntu 10.04 100%. they've had this bug for years and can't be bothered to square it away. if none of the above works, you'll either have to copy the iso image onto the thumbdrive and mount it after booting? ridiculous, or play around and copy initrd files onto the thumbdrive, sometimes that keeps the installer from flaking out after it detects the drive and asking you to retry, but enter has no effect on the "yes" button. well known bug. pathetic. honestly, i haven't been able to keep an ubuntu desktop from fragging itself since like ubuntu 8. lately, with debian you get lucky if you can keep apt working for 20 minutes at a time, frustrating as hell. i'm fed up with ubuntu, especially all the "help" that leads nowhere or fuggs shiz up. how people stay on top of it for mission critical needs, ihnfi...


answered 05 Nov '11, 23:49

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Use software like unetbootin to create your bootable usb stick. ... Make sure to set your BIOS to boot from USB. ... Boot from your newly made bootable usb stick and follow instructions.

More Details!!!


answered 08 May '15, 07:44

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but if i have ubuntu and want make usb bootble ubuntu studio ? i didnt see anny posability only one way is are install linux mint then crate ubuntu studio usb installer i think its werd at minimum


answered 24 Jul '14, 14:07

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-1. Not an answer. Should be a comment.

(18 Aug '14, 15:51) landroni

Check out the website below. It will show you how to create the usb drive and proceed with the whole installation process interactively.



answered 17 Jun '10, 07:14

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A warning should be mentioned: The linked file is Ubuntu Netbook Edition, not Ubuntu studio!

(17 Jun '10, 09:37) guerda
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