I want to install Ubuntu 10.04 to a embedded board: Intel D201GLY, Celeron 1.33GHz, 1Gb DDR400 and 4gb compact flash. Is there a custom Ubuntu for embedded boards or do I have to do it? I tried to install the standard Ubuntu 10.04 from a USB drive to the flash drive on this board, but to my surprise the boot time is about 10 mins and so is the shutdown time. Ubuntu doesn't seem to find the wlan drivers either. Is there a way to boot faster? Possibly it is to use a CFS, i.e mount the compact flash read-only and then remount as a union with a ramdrive using tmpfs. What is the procedure for doing this?

  • Slow CPU + very fast disk -> Compression might not be useful
  • Fast CPU + very slow disk -> Compression may be useful

asked 22 Jun '10, 12:53

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(20 Apr '11, 14:13) rfelsburg ♦

http://bengross.com/smallunix/ has some apropos recommendations. I have m0n0wall on-hand for such projects, myself.

Let us know how it goes!


answered 24 Jun '10, 10:32

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hrm, with only 4 gb to play with, I'd shoot for the most lightweight distro you can find.

Damn Small Linux (DSL) and Puppy Linux are both decent choices.. Its hard to tell if you'll need to configure the hardware settings yourself or not without knowing how 'exotic' your gear is.

But, with 4 gb... I'd move from ubuntu to save yourself some speed...


answered 23 Jun '10, 17:25

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Ubuntu is not optimized for embedded devices. It's a server/desktop distribution.

You are searching for something like Linux From Scratch, Crunchbang or TinyCore Linux.

Linux From Scratch is a completely custom made Linux. It's not a distribution but a manual to create a custom Linux. It's hard to create, but it will pay out.

The Ubuntu based distro Crunchbang keeps Ubuntu small and customizable. It haven't got high requirements and runs on old and small pcs.

TinyCore Linux is even smaller than Crunchbang and needs more expertise in Linux.

Hope I could help you.


answered 28 Jun '10, 09:29

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On this page only the D201GLY2, not D201GLY, supports linux. But really its worth a shot, and like others have said, try dsl, puppy, tiny, etc. I know that puppy can completely load into ram at boot. If you have your heart set on ubuntu, try starting with an ubuntu minimal install, no gdm, just startx, and as lightweight an install as possible, maybe icewm or openbox/fluxbox etc. Build for speed from the ground up.


answered 21 Jul '10, 16:12

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is there a good guide to try a minimal ubuntu??

(07 Aug '10, 01:53) iceman
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