I was curious to know what is the editor of choice for my fellow Linux users. For years it has been a vi vs. emacs debate but it appears there many more. Please reply with your favorite editor. I personally prefer vim.

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asked 23 Jun '10, 14:54

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vi or vim is my choice

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answered 24 Jun '10, 09:20

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I generally run gedit for a GUI-drive text editor. If I need to edit something in the via the CLUI because I'm fixing a system or the particular file calls for it, I use vi. I never really understood or got into the whole vi/vim vs. emacs ware. (Same as with the GNU/Linux vs. Linux debate). I simply never understood why. Just use what works best for you, but be open to change, that's all.

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answered 23 Jun '10, 18:20

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Ron ♦
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I like vi because it's quick to start up and is available on all systems, even the most bare-bones Unix servers with just a text console.

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answered 23 Jun '10, 17:35

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I like Nano (pico) as it is useful for any of the purpose from Unix.

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answered 25 Jun '10, 10:14

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Mick Genie
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Nano/Pico is a great little text editor.

(25 Jun '10, 23:38) madpuppy

For text based, Nano...

For GUI based, I'd have to say Quanta, if we can count Quanta as a text editor...

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answered 23 Jun '10, 17:09

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It's a little embarrassing when I type pico on a machine only to find out I have to type *nano instead ;)

But on Slackware, we actually have pico

(02 Jul '10, 21:41) tallship

I'm a big fan of emacs, since I do a lot of coding in different languages and environments. What I appreciate most, is the fact that I only need one instance of emacs for everything.

I currently work in a small development team where everyone is using a different text editor. After having defined coding guidelines and editor styles (whitespaces, tabs, ...), we had no problems whatsoever.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a "best text editor". As Ron already mentioned, use what works best for you. Furthermore, try them all! :)

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answered 23 Jun '10, 21:23

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Jazz ♦
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I love (g)vim. It has all I ever need and much more. I use it as an IDE and as a simple text-editor.

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answered 25 Jun '10, 11:58

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vim, vim , vim again. I am a sys admin and i feel it has enough to meet my requirements. if u r looking for some heavy coding then i would suggest a IDE. text editor are just editors, so it is not right to compare IDE with text editor. I would suggest eclipse for IDE works. Vim for everything else.

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answered 28 Jun '10, 09:50

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Nano or mcedit for the console, Leafpad for the GUI, Geany for coding, and Bluefish for HTML.

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answered 29 Jun '10, 19:21

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I like to use nano. Its very user friendly editor.

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answered 01 Jul '10, 03:56

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Bijumon K N
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