I just installed the latest JRE of Sun's and tried it but get no sound. It's on a machine where ALSA is not showing in the config GUI, nether is PulseAudio.

Any ideas?

Tnx in advance!


BTW all the other software 'Skype, VLC, ...) does make sound, and (MIDI?) music does play in the applet...

asked 25 Jun '10, 19:45

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We could use some more info, for instance, are you saying anyhting that uses java isn't making sound? does this include web apps?

You also state that alsa and pulseaudio are not in the config gui, is this the system level config gui, or java's config?

(14 Jul '10, 18:50) rfelsburg ♦

Hi, Ok, anything except Java makes sound. I downloaded JavaSoundDemo (from Sum) and get to hear everything except the sound medley - no supported type. Midi works as well. Applets do not make any (non-midi?) sounds...but do allow music. Possibly a security thing? In FC10, I have ALSA and PulseAudio in the system GUI, but not in FC12. I assume the install failed (somewhere)... If you need any extra info, just ask. Logs (you may need to tell me where to look...sorry) are available too...if I can find 'em... And again...BIG Thanks for showing some interest... Wellness Thor

answered 15 Jul '10, 18:33

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