Hi - I am using a data transfer cable (by targus) to move files between computers. It moves files quickly between macs and pcs etc but I am unable to get it to work on Linux (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx). The problem is that the software is that is installed is autorun from the device itself by the usb device mounting itself as an iso9660 Cd rom. This is a brilliant idea but I am unable to chmod the executable bit on the program file in order to wine it up. I have tried links, symbolic links and mounting it in everyway I can think. It's an unusual device and I am not that experienced as a linux user (25 years + with pcs though so I can find my way about) so any help would be greatly appreciated.

MAny thaks


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I think this sounds like a mounting option issue, and not a chmod issue. I don't know how helpful this will be to you, but you might try running this:

cat /proc/mounts |grep noexec

This command should tell you what is mounted in a way to prevent executables from running. If your device is listed there, you could try remounting the necessary device with "exec" on:

sudo mount -o remount,exec /mount/path

Next, try having Wine run it again. I think this should do the job as a temporary fix. Perhaps others have a more permanent solution for external devices to pick up exec in their defaults?


answered 27 Jun '10, 16:27

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If this works, an according entry in /etc/fstab should suffice as a permanent solution.

(27 Jun '10, 18:14) Jazz ♦

My concern with a direct entry in /etc/fstab is tied to not knowing how to guarantee that the exact device is always registered to the same device node. Is this a reasonable concern?

(27 Jun '10, 19:14) lz05

As far as I know, there is no complement to disk-UUIDs for cd-roms. Still, I never had problems with /etc/fstab entries for cd-roms. If you find another solution, be sure to let me know! :)

(27 Jun '10, 22:13) Jazz ♦
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