Clearly LinuxExchange is related to StackOverflow, as they use the same interface. Some questions:

  • Are they run by the same people?

  • Will I be able to copy over my profile from the other SO sites?

  • If they aren't related, is the code that runs the site available for anyone to set up a site that functions the same way on a different topic?

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jeremy ♦♦

LinuxExchange uses the same software as StackOverflow but is not under the same ownership. The creators of StackOverflow developed the StackExchange which is a "software-as-a-service" that allows others to create sites like this one using the StackExchange engine. (Slashdot article about StackExchange)


answered 18 Apr '10, 07:24

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Actually LinuxExchange has been moved to an open source solution. Not on the proprietary StackExchange SaaS

(14 Apr '11, 10:38) rfelsburg ♦

and against most of what I believe in, stackexchange is not opensource. If your stackexchange site does not generate enough of hits it will be terminated. I appreciate a lifecycle but not one that does not give sites a chance. I wish we could find out when the end date for this site is scheduled.


answered 19 Apr '10, 12:57

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We have a year to migrate off the SE platform or make alternative plans. That being said we're already exploring our options and as you've probably guessed Open Source is a big part of that. We're committed to LinuxExchange for the long term.


(19 Apr '10, 13:39) jeremy ♦♦

OSQA looks to be a good open source alternative, they're based on django and python. You can find them here: http://www.osqa.net/ With a meta version of their site here: http://meta.osqa.net/

(28 Apr '10, 11:00) Amos

I thought for a second that this might be like ExpertsExchange.. (a for the most part worthless paysite that always comes up in Google)


answered 03 May '10, 20:39

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As an update, LinuxExchange is now running on OSQA. For more information, see this entry.



answered 14 Apr '11, 10:06

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