Is there a subscribe capability at LinuxQuestions.org for particular forums, much in the same way that someone can subscribe to a single thread?

I've asked this question at LQ in the thread HERE, and I'm familiar w/LQ Spy, which works well if I want to have a running ticker of ALL of LQ, but for the most part, I'm only interested in receiving notifications for a couple of forums at LQ - namely the Slackware forums.

I note that there are a few Slacker folks in particular that seem to be right there to help very soon after someone posts a new thread, so I can't help but thinking that they've adopted some sort of methodology which notifies them immediately when a new thread is started in that forum.

Again, what I'm looking for is a way to receive immediate notifications (preferably by email) whenever a new topic/thread is started in the Slackware forums at LQ.

I already know how to subscribe to existing threads.


Bradley NorthTech.US


asked 02 Jul '10, 21:37

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Okay the thread referenced HERE didn't help much.

IOW: http://feeds.feedburner.com/linuxquestions/latest?slackware=1 just gives everything.

It is possible to subscribe to a forum, but you only get a digest, the closest thing I can see so far is to subscribe to a forum, w/no email notifications, then use LQ Spy and only watch subscriptions - still much less than ideal.

(02 Jul '10, 22:32) tallship

Solution: RSS feed for single or multiple LQ forums

Jeremy was kind enough to provide a link to the solution which is as follows:


Where 14 is the forum ID for Slackware, and 40 is the forum ID for Slackware - Installation.

For an RSS feed of just a single forum, the following format would be used:


I hope that helps! :)

Kindest regards,

Bradley .



answered 04 Jul '10, 10:18

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Based on the discussion you had on the linked forum post, I think it's clear that the highest resolution updates you can get are the nightlies for a forum (which differentiate between old threads that are updated and brand new threads).

I think the guys that seem to be really sharp on the response use LQ Spy or the Zero Reply threads list to check out what's going on and then end up subscribed after posting so they can follow up.


answered 03 Jul '10, 05:46

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Paul Nguyen
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