I want to install LTSP in Ubuntu 9.10. anybody can help me.

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Please accept an answer so the question/answer can be finished. Or provide more details so we can help.

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LTSP is Linux Terminal Server Project see http://ltsp.org

LTSP provides a server with DHCP/TFTP to provide PXE booting for diskless thin clients which then connect to the server with X or X over SSH. Since LTSP 5, the configuration consists of a chroot on the server which uses the same tools as the distro to manage packages and configurations so it is pretty easy. On a newish server, it takes only 20 minutes to go from bare metal to installed distro+LTSP in a default installation. You should have at least two NICs on the server and about 100 MB of RAM per client machine.

Advantages of LTSP are many. I like the fact that thin clients are far cheaper than thick clients, like $100 per box. I like the centralized management, only one system to maintain. I like the performance. You can put tons of good stuff on one server instead of on many machines all over. One drawback is that video tends to slow down after the first few clients. Use thick clients if you need to do lots of video. For schools, I like to use a thick client for the teacher's machine and thin clients for the students.


answered 03 May '10, 11:20

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what is LTSP ???


answered 22 Apr '10, 07:20

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Linux Terminal Server Project

(22 Apr '10, 19:32) XavierP

LTSP is a thin client architecture and implementation, there are many - such as VNC, PC Anywhere, Windows Terminal Server Client (RDP), NetMeeting, GoToMyPC, and many, many others. The Linux Terminal Server Project is a very mature, stable, and efficient thin client/server which makes deploying dumb terminals from very inexpensive hardware (like 486 computers) a snap, and can considerably drive down the cost of deploying say, entire sets of classrooms in schools or revitalizing older machines when upgrading the nursing stations in say, a hospital, where most data used is already on the server

(24 May '10, 23:40) tallship
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