I have an intel card that refuses to connect to a completely open AP; Win7 has no problem on the same machine, and the machine has no problem connecting to other, secured, AP's. The Access point itself is a Netgear, and the specific wifi care is a intel 4965.

Syslog pickes up a lot of disconnect reason=6 events (see attached) which implies that the AP gave up waiting for authentication, but there is no authentication!

I've been looking for answers on this for a while

asked 05 Jul '10, 17:10

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What OS are you using? What kind of error message are you seeing? Have you installed the correct Wifi drivers?


answered 11 Jul '10, 21:06

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In your question you state that Win7 can connect (without problems) to the AP. This suggests that the AP is working correctly. You also say that the Linux (I assume) can connect to other secured APs. This indicates that your "driver" in Linux is working correctly. If so, the problem is between the Linux and the AP. Check to see if the WiFi on the Linux is sat in a mode where it is allowed to connect to any AP, without encryption. Check also the AP to make sure there is no MAC-address filtering. I once made the mistake of trying to set up MAC-filtering and ended up denying my machine on the AP, insted of allowing it. (I had to reset the AP to factory state to get in ;-) Here I must assume that the Linux is a different machine, or uses another network card to connect, otherwise this is not the solution. If the AP is using a Proxy, turn it, and MAC-filter off, and try again.


answered 02 Nov '10, 09:18

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